This blog covers my Smoky Mountain hikes; it also includes a link to pictures from one of my cross country ski ventures.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Post 3rd 900 Hike #???: Laurel Falls 3.1 & 0.9: Cove Mtn 8.4

Although I knew that I had been a little lax with my blog since completing my 3rd 900 this past summer, I did not realize I had reported on such a small sampling of subsequent hikes.

Did this hike with BZ Lane; if I were to check, I would probably find that more than half the hikes that I have taken in the GSMNP since my start in 2005 would be hikes with BZ despite the fact that he lives in Gatlinburg and I live in Louisville. For today's hike I met BZ near the trailhead of Cove Mountain at 0845; this is just N of Park Headquarters and the Sugarlands Visitor  Center. We then proceeded in his vehicle to the Laurel Falls trailhead. Today's hike would include the latter to its junction with the Cove Mtn trail on the Northern edge of the GSMNP would take us back to my vehicle; ironically we did the very same hike in reverse direction 12 days ago. Today's hike had a little bit of "up" until we got to Cove Mtn; from there on it was basically "down"; thus today's hike was much easider than that done 12 days ago.

We did not see a soul on this trail; of course the section from Little River Road to the Falls would be heavily populated later on in the day. Not much to report on today's hike; I may add a couple of pictures later. Believe we finished the 12.4 miles ~13:30; from there it was on to the Mountain Inn where I could get my usual Reuben. I then took BZ back to his vehicle at the Laurel Falls trailhead.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Post 3rd 900 Hike # : Cove Mountain 8.4, Laurel Falls 4.0

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Post 3r 900 Hike #11: West Prong 2.7 +0.3

I run with Craig on UT's track almost every Monday; there I do 10 laps. However, because the track is under construction we have been running on the artificial grass softball field. On our Monday run he accommodates my pace; on the trail I endeavor to accommodate his. However, because of a soft-tissue damage to his knee he does not wish to do long hikes. Although for today I had 3-hikes as possibilities, I changed everything at the last minute with his OK. It was essentially up a hill, down a hill, and up a hill over its distance; then of course on the way back it was down a hill, up a hill, and down a hill.

Thus my endeavor was to create a neat hike for him of less than 10 miles in length. Although he had given an OK on Chestnut Top in and out for a roundtrip of 8.6 miles, I chose to instead do a 2.7 mile section of West Prong (+0.3) in and out and then to do School House Gap. However, because he was scheduled to do a TV interview in the early afternoon, we only did West Prong in an out. However, close to its conclusion we did a side trip to the nearby cemetery; this was sort of icing on the cake for Craig had never visited a cemetery in the GSMNP. Although I had probably visited this particular cemetery on a prior hike, it is a very neat one and well kept. Particularly noteworthy were the children's graves; of course early settlers had it quite rough. It is a well kept cemetery with many flowers (artificial of course); although I did note any 21st century graves, if one's ancestors were buried there, I believe he/she could choose to be buried there too. However, getting the body to the grave cite might preclude this endeavor.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Post 3rd 900 Hike # 10, Metcalf Bottoms, Little Briar Gap, Little Greenbrier, Road

My running buddy Craig went with me on this hike; it was an intended dry run that I planned to take SONS of Norway folk on the following Saturday. It was a short hike that refreshed my memory particularly about the Walker Sisters Cabin. It is truly one neat but short hike when all the implications are considered.

Mission accomplished. Unfortunately on the following Saturday no one me Ron and me at the meet-up. I called Dee to tell her to stay home. 

Friday, November 06, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Post 3rd 900 Hike #7: Anthony Creek

I decided again to do a hike with the Otis Group since Ron Edlund would be there; if there was no one else, I might be able to get him to come up with another hike for the Sons of Norway. Last week I ended up doing their scheduled hike; because Bob showed up too for today's hike, I decided to do the hike that they had scheduled, namely Anthony Creek (3.5) in and out. Although only a 7-mile hike, it has ~1,800 feet of climb; thus in a short hike such as this one can get a pretty good workout if  you push a little.

Although we knew it could rain, on the drive to the Park it looked like it would be a good day; we felt a little smug for at lest two other hikes were cancelled because of rain. However, for the most part we experienced a very slight drizzle; it was not enough to use a poncho, and since it was relatively warm, I was quite comfortable in a light long-sleeve shirt.


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Post 3rd 900 Hike #6: AT--2.7, Blvd--5.4, (0.5), Bullhead--5.9, Trillium 0.4

Decided to do this hike at the Nth hour in part because BZ was doing it; I do not believe I paid any attention to what it was. We met at SVC; Bill Broome and Tom Wainner rode with our two vehicles so that they in turn could position them at our hike's finish (assume that they took a hike from that point). Assume we got started ~0915. There were 7 in our group; BZ is at the Left, Lori is immediately behind the sign, and I am to the Right. Peter took the picture and I do not have a handle on the names of the 3-gents in the center.

Peter also took this second picture while we were on the AT.

At 2.7 mi. we took a L-turn and I knew then that we were on Blvd Trail; I knew then that we had a fairly long haul to LeConte. When we arrived there it was a little past noon and there was a nip in the air; we chose to eat our lunch in the "check-in" room. The attendant asked if we wanted him to start up the heater; we declined. While we were eating lunch it began to rain; a few of us put on an "emergency" poncho before we began our trek down.

At this point the rain did not appreciable affect our hiking and after a relatively short period of time it ceased. However, after 1-2 hours it began again. Getting a wet plastic poncho on was a little difficult for me; I started with my head out an arm-opening and was not too comfortable. My buddy BZ corrected it; however, it drizzled most of the rest of the way. Fortunately BZ's van was in the nearer of the two parking lots. From there BZ took us to our vehicles back in the parking lot of SVC.

Although I noted my fitbit data I did not record it and since Windows 10 has affected its storage in my PC, with my present knowledge I cannot retrieve this data. It was not until BZ had driven a few miles that I realized I had not turned  off my GPS; thus all data would be inflated (and worthless) since it was impossible to differentiate hiking movement from that of BZ's van. Moreover, erred by not recording

The mileage covered data was taken directly from Brown Book.